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Coastal Homes Show No Sign Of Price Drop With Summer Approaching

The White Rock, real estate market, is hot, hot, and hot. This unique location has had tremendous growth in real estate prices for the last 25 years, and it continues to grow. There are many reasons why purchasing real estate in the White Rock area is still a sound investment. In fact, it may be one of the better investments throughout the Province of British Columbia.

Fifty years ago White Rock was a seaside community with a scattering of cottages and small summer rental homes. People from Vancouver would drive to White Rock and enjoy the summer months. Today, however, people still do drive from Vancouver to enjoy the summer months, but there are very few cottages and small summer rental homes remaining.

Today, White Rock is a thriving community of over 20,000 residents. Many of the residents are elderly who have decided to spend their golden years in the beautiful city of White Rock. However, White Rock has a lot more to offer than beautiful beaches and glorious sunsets. It is now home to many fine restaurants, theaters, and festivals according to White Rock real estate agents.

White Rock is also ideally located on the Canadian-US border. It is easy to take a quick trip to the United States and visit many of the fine locations found in Washington State. For example, Seattle is only a two-hour drive away. Many of the residents who live in White Rock take advantage of a trip to Seattle to watch the Mariners or Seahawks.

The beach area has offered recreation and relaxation for families for as long as White Rock has been around. When the tide goes out, the children can play in many of the pools that are left behind. Each of these pools offers a variety of exciting sea life for family members to discover. White Rock has the perfect type of sand for building sand castles. A family can spend the entire day making their favorite sand sculpture until the tide returns to wash it away.

If you enjoy English style fish and chips, then you will enjoy a casual walk along Marine Drive. Marine Drive has an incredible variety of quaint restaurants and take-outs to tantalize your taste buds. Marine Drive also has a large section of Boardwalk that makes a casual walk with someone you love even more enjoyable.

Of course, no trip to this beautiful city would be complete without a stroll along the pier. The White Rock Pier has been in existence for over 50 years and is a great place to spend a lazy afternoon. There is even a train track from Vancouver to Seattle that runs along the beach front. Yes, White Rock is a great place to visit but even a greater place to live if you are looking to find Vancouver area homes.

If you have the desire to relocate to one of the best locations in beautiful British Colombia, then you should consider moving your entire family to White Rock. Investment in White Rock will be one of the best investments that you have ever made.


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